Cypress Perform

These sophisticated series of CapSense Plus Controllers provides programmable touch-Sensing solutions where the user can integrate up to 56 GPIOs enabling customers to integrate sleek and trendy market leading Capacitive sensing solutions while enabling value added features such as proximity, water tolerance, LED backlight, Motor Control, power management, Gyro-sensing and field upgrade capability via bootloader. This family also has the capability to support I2C, SPI, USB and UART interfaces.

Salient features include:
  • Up to 56 CapSense buttons can be integrated with SmartSense Auto-tuning with additional functionality.
  • Proximity and water tolerant designs made possible.
  • Patented CSD technology for robust immunity to conducted and radiated noise.
  • I2C, SPI, USB & UART interfaces Revolutionary, one of its kind, SmartSense Auto-Tuning algorithm.
  • Wide variety of packages 16 SOIC to 48 QFN

CapSense Plus Categories:
Sunset Owner: DIRK; Secondary Owner: SNPR;