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PSoC Designer is a revolutionary Integrated Design Environment (IDE) that enables you to customize PSoC 1 devices to meet your application requirements. PSoC Designer accelerates system bring-up and time-to-market by providing a library of pre-characterized analog and digital peripherals, called User Modules, in a simple, drag-and-drop design environment. This helps in customizing your design by leveraging the dynamically generated API libraries of code. PSoC Designer also enables you to debug and test your designs with the integrated debug environment, including in-circuit emulation and standard debug features. PSoC Designer features the following:

  • An Application Editor Graphical User Interface (GUI) for device and User Module configuration and dynamic reconfiguration
  • 150+ User Modules for design customization
  • Integrated Source Code Editor (C and Assembly)
  • Free C-compiler with no size restrictions or time limits
  • Built-in Debugger
  • Integrated Circuit Emulation (ICE)
  • Built-in support for Communication Interfaces:
    • Full-Speed USB 2.0
    • Hardware and software I2C slaves and masters
    • Up to 4 full-duplex UARTs, SPI master and slave, and Wireless

PSoC Designer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A frequently asked questions (FAQ) guide is available for PSoC Designer. This includes answers to common questions about PSoC Designer and the PSoC 1 device family. This can be accessed on the PSoC Designer FAQ webpage.

Use PSoC Designer to unlock the power of PSoC

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