Cypress Perform

The Cypress's West Bridge® Astoria™ multimedia mass storage controller offers a broad support of mass storage standards and the same industry-leading, Hi-Speed USB data transfer performance as the West Bridge® Antioch™. Astoria continues to equip Cypress’s Simultaneous Link to Independent Multimedia (SLIM®) architecture, which optimizes multitasking functionality and improves overall user experience.

Key Features

•  Integration: Hi-Speed USB 2.0 compliant with built-in PHY
•  SLIM® Architecture: simultaneous data paths between USB, storage, and processor
•  Turbo-MTP: Optimize data throughput for Microsoft® Media Transfer Protocol
•  Mass Storage Support: Up to two SD, SDIO, MMC, MMC, and CE-ATA devices
•  Flexible Processor I/F Support: SRAM, ADMux, PCRAM, PNAND, SPI
•  FlexBoot: Boot processor from processor interface port
•  Ultra low power: 1.8 V core operation
•  Flexible Clock: selectable clock input at 19.2 MHz, 24 MHz, 26 MHz, 48 MHz
•  Small Footprint: 6x6 mm 100-pin VFBGA package and 3.91x3.91 mm 81-pin WLCSP


•  Data Cards and Wireless Dongles
•  TV Dongles
•  Secure Dongles
•  Data Loggers
•  Mini RAID Controller
•  Cellular Phones
•  Portable Media Players
•  Personal Digital Assistants
•  Portable Navigation Devices
•  Digital Cameras
•  POS Terminals
•  Portable Video Recorders

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