Cypress Perform

Cypress has a broad portfolio of devices which includes. 

  • Programmable technology allows fast prototype builds
  • Generates a wide range of frequencies using low cost crystals (Xtals)
  • Multi-PLL devices integrates multiple Xtals/ XOs reducing cost
  • VCXO option for tuning frequency
  • Spread Spectrum option for reducing EMI at its source
  • Low Jitter for maximizing system reliability
  • Specialty Clocks for Handsets, PCIe 1.0, XDR Rambus
  • Low Power for portable applications
  • Consumer Electronics: HDTV, STB,DVD-R, Key Boards, HD Radios, Music Systems, Monitors, Handsets
  • Communications: Routers, Servers, Base Stations
  • Medical, Military and Space applications



CY27410 is a 4-PLL high-performance clock generator which can generate up to 12 outputs. It has eight outputs which can be configured as differential or single-ended, and four dedicated single-ended outputs. It supports frequencies up to 700 MHz and has <0.7-ps RMS phase jitter. It also meets the reference clock requirements of PCIe 3.0, 10GbE and SATA 2.0. Read more

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