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Touch Sensing


CapSense® Controllers
The CapSense Family is Cypress’s market leading Capacitive Sensing solution that has replaced more than 3.5 Billion sensors with a Capacitive touch interface over the last many years. The CapSense Family is based on Cypress’s Programmable System on Chip (PSoC) platform that provides customers with the flexibility needed to make last minute changes and get to market before the competition. Cypress’s latest addition to this portfolio is the ultra-low power CY8C20xx6A family for the most demanding Capacitive Sensing applications. This low-power family is enabled by Cypress SmartSense™ – the industry’s most advanced Capacitive Sensing algorithm that makes Cypress CapSense the easiest to use in the market.

TrueTouch® Touch Screen Controllers
Cypress, the leader in capacitive touch sensing solutions, is revolutionizing the touchscreen market. Cypress’ TrueTouch® Touchscreen Solutions, powered by PSoC® Programmable-System-on-Chip technology, offer unmatched flexibility and the broadest portfolio available. The projected capacitive TrueTouch Solutions give designers a choice between different usage models, different touchscreen vendors and different LCD vendors. They also enable designers to accommodate last minute changes -- something no other touchscreen product can deliver.

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