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USB Hi-Speed Peripherals

Ever since its conception in 2000, Hi-Speed USB has become one of the most popular ways to connect PC peripherals. Today, the popularity of USB 2.0 has stretched beyond PC peripherals and became ubiquitous in the realm of handsets, LCD TV and set top boxes.

As Hi-Speed USB continues to proliferate into our lives, Cypress will continue its pursuit as the market and technology leader in the USB space by developing the industry’s leading Hi-Speed USB solutions.

Cypress’s Hi-Speed USB Peripherals portfolio encompasses both programmable and fixed function solutions, tailored to serve storage and other user-specific applications. In addition, Cypress’s Hi-Speed USB solutions are supported by industry’s best software tool kits and reference designs, which would accelerate the development time for any design.

USB Hi-Speed Peripheral Families

Programmable USB to PATA bridge for external hard disk drive (HDD), optical drives, and multi-role storage applications.

One of the most popular programmable Hi-Speed USB controllers in the industry today. FX2LP offers General Programmable Interface (GPIF) that is capable of adding USB 2.0 functionality to a wide range of applications. 

Programmable USB NAND flash controller for multi-role NAND flash drives

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