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USB Full-Speed Peripherals

Cypress offers the most comprehensive USB Full-Speed product portfolio encompassing fully integrated USB controllers, low cost USB microcontrollers, and seamless USB to UART Bridge solution. Cypress family of USB FS products provides developers the unmatched freedom and flexibility to choose the solution that best fits their needs.

Based on Cypress’s highly successful enhanced Component Reduction (enCoRe™) platform, Cypress USB Controllers offer fully integrated and ultra flexible USB solutions in multiple packaging options.

Newly introduced USB to UART bridge controller extends seamless USB connectivity to legacy UART interfaces with minimal design effort, helping make USB truly universal!

USB Full-Speed Peripheral Families

enCoRe™ III
Low-power, low-cost and highly flexible full-speed microcontroller based on revolutionary PSoC™ platform.

enCoRe™ V
Highly integrated, cost-effective, and high performance Full-Speed USB microcontroller solution ideal for resource intensive applications.

Faster, Extended technology for ultra high-performance.

USB to UART Bridge Controller
Seamless USB connectivity to legacy peripherals with UART interface for a fully integrated and reliable solution.

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