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Resources Available for CapSense® Controllers – KBA92181
Question: Where can you find a comprehensive list of resources that you can use to design applications using CapSense® Controllers?

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Knowledge Base – Cypress Semiconductor Cage Code – KBA89258
Question: What is Cypress Commercial and Government Entity Code or CAGE CODE?

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Controlling Digital Outputs of CapSense® Express (CY8C201xxx) Devices - KBA82461
Question: Can you control the status of a digital output if it is controlled by a CapSense input?

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Resetting Sensor Baseline with CapSense® Express™ - KBA82926
Question: Can I force a sensor’s baseline to reset using host control with a CapSense® Express™ (CY8C201xx) device?

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Configuring a CY8C201xx Device for Use Either with External Pull-ups or With a Master Operating at Different VDD – KBA80735
Question: What action must be taken to use a CY8C201xx device either with external pull-ups or with a master operating at different VDD?

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Slider Diplexing in CapSense Express devices

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