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AN4011 - Choosing The Right Cypress Synchronous SRAM Updated
AN4011 provides an overview of Standard Synchronous, NoBL™, QDR®-II/II+, QDR-II+ Xtreme, DDR-II/II+, DDR-II+ Xtreme and QDR-IV SRAM's. Cypress currently manufactures several major Synchronous SRAM architectures. The purpose of this application note is to provide a means to determine which architecture is right for a particular application. A brief description of each architecture and comparison by address/data relationships and performance characteristics is also included.
AN58815 - Advantages of 65-nm Technology over 90-nm Technology QDR® Family of SRAMs
AN58815 outlines the advantages of the 65 nm technology QDR SRAMs over the 90 nm technology QDR SRAM devices.
AN4017 - Understanding Temperature Specifications: An Introduction
AN4017 gives a basic understanding of the temperature specifications found in Cypress's product datasheets. There are many factors that affect the thermal operation of a device. This application note gives you an understanding of the thermal parameters and temperature specifications of the device. It also online tool for calculating the junction temperature for Synchronous SRAM products.
AN4065 - QDR®-II, QDR-II+, DDR-II, and DDR-II+ Design Guide
Cypress Quad Data Rate™ (QDR®)-II, QDR-II+, DDR-II, and DDR-II+ SRAMs address the high-bandwidth requirements for networking and data storage applications that provide up to 80 GBps data transfer rate. The purpose of this application note is to assist system designers in using the QDR-II, QDR-II+, DDR-II, and DDR-II+ SRAM devices. It includes guidelines on clocking, termination techniques and reference design for the QDR-II, QDR-II+, DDR-II, and DDR-II+ SRAM devices.
AN54908 - Accelerated Neutron SER Testing and Calculation of Terrestrial Failure Rates
This application note describes the accelerated neutron testing procedure and test conditions that are applied during device qualification for Cypress SRAM devices. It covers Synchronous SRAM, Asynchronous SRAM, More Battery Life™ MoBL®SRAM, and Nonvolatile SRAM (nvSRAM).
Results 1 - 5 of 5
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